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 In a typical week I spend on average 10% of my time screening resumes, interviewing or reviewing interview notes and offers for candidates we want to join the team. Talent management is a core pillar of our company strategy and one of my most important responsibilities. I have reviewed thousands of resumes over my career and built a system to categorize them into yes, no and the dreaded maybe buckets. The resumes that go into either the yes or the no piles are usually very easy to identify. But I often think about the maybes. These resumes get saved as a backup but in reality, never get a chance to be in the field of play。在我比较典型的一个工作周里,我平均要花10%的时间筛选简历、面试、回顾面试笔记以及为那些我们团队需要的人才提供offer。人才管理是我们公司战略的核心支柱,也是我最重要的职责之一。在我整个职业生涯中浏览过成千上万份简历,我为此建立了一套分类体系,将它们分成“yes”、“no”和令人头疼的“maybe”三类。那些进入“yes”或“no”的简历非常容易处理,但我经常思考那些属于“maybe”的简历。那些简历会得到备份,但事实上,从来都没有机会真正进入我们的考虑范围。

  I find there are three big mistakes that usually cause an otherwise great resume to be filtered out in a screening process:我发现这三个大错误往往是导致那些很好的简历无法通过筛选系统的原因:

  1) Focusing on the wrong thing:

  I often see candidates explain their responsibilities and list them in great detail, but forget to highlight their results. The unique things they did that their predecessors had not. What were their specific accomplishments and what sets them apart? The more quantitative, the easier for a screener or hiring manager to understand and select them for the next discussion. Numbers and metrics speak louder than words. Vague generalities are the kryptonite of a resume.1)关注在了错误的事上:我经常看到求职者在他们的简历里解释他们的职责,并且写得非常详细,却忘了突出他们得到的成果以及那些他们的前辈没有做但他们却做了的独特的事情。他们特有的成就在哪里?是什么使他们与众不同?这样的内容越多,就越容易让筛选简历者或人事部经理理解并且选择他们进入下一轮面试。数字和指标比文字更有说服力,而笼统模糊的描述则是一份简历最大的软肋。

  2) Writing a thesis when a synopsis is needed:

  Mark Twain once said, “if only I had more time, I would write thee a shorter letter”. When writing a resume, it is important to heed these words and take the time to really write succinctly and precisely. The longer and more dense a resume, the harder it is for a recruiter to get to the heart of your achievements and contributions. Precise, clear, factual, numbers driven resumes will always get more traction.2)写概况时长篇大论:马克·吐温曾经说过,“只要我有更多时间,我就会写一封更短的信给你”。当撰写简历时,必须把这句话牢记在心,并且花时间把简历写得简洁而精确。简历越是冗长混乱,招聘者就越不容易领会你的成就和贡献的核心。精确、简洁、真实、数字导向型的简历总能吸引更多的注意。

  3) Leaving unanswered red flags:

  Candidates will often wait for the interview process to explain any red flags or gaps that may be on their resume, but by that time it may be too late. In most cases, they won’t make it that far if the issues are not explained on the resume, cover letter or LinkedIn profile itself. Candidates should put on the hiring manager’s hat and look at their own resumes with this filter and then proactively address any of these issues in a clear and unambiguous way. A couple of examples of what I mean:3)对敏感内容不加解释:求职者总是会等到面试环节再来解释那些他们简历上的敏感内容或者空缺,但到那时候恐怕太晚了。在大部分情况下,假如他们的简历和求职信上没有解释那些内容,他们根本就得不到面试的机会。求职者必须把自己想象成人事部经理,自己用这种筛选原则审视他们的简历,然后预先就那些问题作出清楚而不含糊的解释。下面举几个例子:

  Let’s say someone has moved around a lot in their career. A screener may see this as an inability finish things they start or an indication that they aren’t a committed candidate. It behooves you to explain the reasons for the movement where possible. Was it a corporate change, like an acquisition, that caused the moves? Or is it an indication that you were looking for more of a challenge?比方说某人经常换工作。一位筛选者或许会认为这个人不能善始善终或是不忠心。你有必要尽可能解释频繁换工作是因为企业变更的原因,比方说一次收购,导致了你换工作?还是因为你在寻求更多的挑战?

  Let’s say someone is applying for an engineering role but doesn’t have an engineering degree. This should be addressed in the objectives and the resume should reflect any and all skills that do relate to the job you are looking for. Do you have any relevant certifications? Are you self-taught? Can you link to any code you have written?比方说某人申请一个工程师的职位却并没有工程学位。这必须在目标中加以解释,并且简历中应该反映所有和你想找的工作相关的技能。你是否有相关的证书?你是不是自学的?你能不能把你和你所写的代码联系起来?

  Oh and one other thing, in this day and age, there is no excuse for typos and grammar mistakes in a resume. Those types of errors demonstrate a lack of detail orientation and commitment, and may result in your resume going into the no bucket。噢,还有一件事,在今时今日,简历中没有任何理由出现错别字和语法错误。这种错误说明了你缺少对细节的关注,可能会导致你的简历进入“no”类。